Large Volume Liposuction

Dr. Goodman’s custom liposuction method for body contouring of larger-sized patients.

Not everyone is a candidate for smart laser liposuction. For people size 10 or larger, some liposuction procedures will not make a noticeable difference. However, plus-sized men and women can get dramatic results with Large Volume Liposuction, especially performed by an experienced board-certified surgeon like Dr. Neil Goodman.

Liposuction candidates are often disappointed by many plastic surgeons in Westchester who are not experienced in liposuction for large people. Many are told to simply lose weight before liposuction! If you were already losing weight you would not be seeking liposuction! Large volume liposuction can offer large size people hope and a new beginning.

Dr Goodman is a Board-Certified Surgeon who has perfected the technique of large volume liposuction on hundreds of patients from throughout New York, Florida, US, and abroad.

Dr. Goodman’s technique was developed after years of scientific measurement of skin and fat temperatures. A power cannula removes the subcutaneous layer of fat, and then a laser fiber heats the inside of the skin to a safely-monitored temperature, liquifying remaining fat. Using only local anesthesia and adhering to the Board of Medicine’s guidelines of four liters of fat, patient safety is preserved.

1-2 months later, the procedure can be repeated on other areas. In this way, a single large, and potentially risky, case is divided into two or more smaller and much safer procedures. Skin tightening is further achieved by a second treatment via laser in areas where needed.

large volume liposuctionobese liposuction

large liposuction before afterlarge volume liposuction before after

Who is a good candidate?

Patients must, of course, be healthy.
Lbs Over Chart Weight
50 to 75 lbs. – May be good candidates
70 to 100 lbs. – Analysis of health, age, weight, weight patterns, exercise and motivation is considered
100 to 150 lbs. – Only some are accepted as large volume liposuction patients
> 150+ lbs. – Losing initial weight via bypass surgery or another bariatric procedure is required first

These procedures are done under general anesthesia and can take several hours depending on the number of areas addressed. Garments are worn for about 2 to 4 weeks post-operatively. Garments are quite comfortable and required for best post procedure outcomes.