Breast Augmentation via Fat Transfer

Natural Breast Augmentation during liposuction – Fat Grafting to the Breasts Dr. Goodman is able to transfer body fat to the breasts to create a completely natural augmentation using fat grafting to the breasts as an alternative to implants. Women have always wanted to move fat from their waist or thighs to their breasts. Now it is possible with what is called a Natural breast enlargement using your own fat harvested during liposuction. Fat grafting to the breast consists of two procedures performed on the same day: first, harvesting the fat during liposuction and second, placement of the fat into the breasts. To begin, a substantial amount of fat is removed manually without the use of Laser or Ultrasonic machines with a harvesting cannula. Harvested fat is processed via centrifugation to separate out the unwanted components such as blood, oil and water and then fat is injected meticulously using infiltration cannulas.

Fat transfer to the breasts has many advantages over implants, but the major advantages are:

  • As you own fat is used and it comes from your own body it is inherently safe
  • Fat is a completely natural way to enhance breasts as they are composed mostly of fat
  • Harvesting of the fat can be used to enhance your shape
  • Breasts can be sculpted and shaped little by little with every fat transfer
  • There are no incisions and thus no scarring – Small cannula used require only small holes Breast augmentation using this technique is meticulous. Fat is fragile and must be harvested gently. Fat is placed not only so that it will create an aesthetic, natural appearance, but also so that the newly transplanted fat will survive.