About Dr Avron Lipschitz MD

Palm Beach & Stuart Florida Plastic Surgeon

An Internationally Trained Plastic Surgeon Serving the Treasure Coast
Dr Avron Lipschitz MDDr. Avron is a board-certified plastic surgeon on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach communities. He has built his unique practice on his refined aesthetic acumen, advanced surgical techniques and the genuine compassion he brings to the table with each of his patients. As both an art and a science, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Avron combines his surgical expertise with a life-long passion to achieve natural and long-lasting results with each plastic surgery procedure.

Training Background
Dr. Avron was not always here in Stuart, Florida. In fact, he started off in Cape Town, South Africa where he earned his medical degree at the University of Cape Town Medical School – the site of the world’s first heart transplant. Dr. Avron continued to work and train in various surgical disciplines in Johannesburg, London, and Nottingham, England. As he traveled around the world, Dr. Avron worked with and learned from some of the world’s most renowned plastic surgeons, developing and refining his one-of-a-kind surgical education.

He was selected by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas for a research fellowship in aesthetic surgery. There, Dr. Avron trained under some of plastic surgery’s top leaders. Upon finishing his general surgery training, Dr. Avron received numerous awards, including the Resident Teaching Award and scored in the top one percent on the surgical in-service exam. He also published several papers on various plastic surgery topics and presented his work at meetings in the United States and South Africa.

Later, Dr. Avron was selected for the Plastic Surgery Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where he completed his training with what is considered to be one of the top medical training programs in the country. Dr. Avron’s interest in aesthetic surgery led him to pursue further training at New York’s Manhattan Eye & Ear Infirmary with the world’s leaders in aesthetic surgery.

A Lifetime of Dedication and Experience Brought to South Florida
What makes Dr. Avron unique is his genuine passion for what he does and the personal connection that he strives to make with every one of his patients. His dedication is not only marked by his international training and experience, but also his numerous contributions to the advancement of plastic surgery and his continued, active research.

So how did Dr. Avron end up bringing his talents to the Treasure Coast? He and his family fell in love with South Florida because the beauty, lifestyle and warm weather reminded them of South Africa.