Cellulite Reduction via Laser Liposuction

NEW GENERATION technology in Cellulite Reduction – Smartlipo Cellulite Liposuction

In order to treat cellulite problems, pockets of fat need to be removed in conjunction with loosening tissue bands beneath the skin which pull on your skin and cause the rippling effect of cellulite.

Left untreated cellulite is not going away and is just going to get worse. Unfortunately, the root cause of cellulite cannot be fixed with diet or exercise. But there is a fix… Laser treatment with laser liposuction can fix cellulite dimpling and skin irregularity thereby achieving excellent cellulite reduction results.

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Dr. Goodman has been removing cellulite for years with a proven technique using laser and laser liposuction and has perfected the process.

“Why do I have cellulite . . . it’s not fair . . . I exercise and eat right!”

It is not your fault, 85% of women have cellulite. As you will not see men with cellulite – it is a gender specific problem. Fibrous tissue bands and fat cause Cellulite. Dr. Goodman offers a complete and permanent solution for cellulite reduction and is not to be confused with Cellulaze by Cynosure as it is a different procedure. We think it’s far superior because the fat is also removed. Read on to learn the difference.

So how does cellulite happen?

Cellulite is now thought to be a problem which arises due to micro-circulation deficiencies. As a result of insufficient micro-circulation to areas of normal fat storage, toxic metabolic by-products cannot be effectively cleared from the cells and therefore spill over into the inter-cellular space and stimulate scar tissue fibrous banding as a result. It is known that most females have compromised blood flow or micro-circulation issues in areas such as the outer/posterior thighs and also develop cellulite there. Micro-circulation problems lead to irregular fat deposits and fibrous bands. These fibrous bands in turn pull on the skin contributing to the surface irregularities seen visually as cellulite dimpling and skin irregularity.

So what can be done?

There have been many ‘cures” for cellulite over the years but to date nothing has worked as well as this procedure. With cellulite, fat must be physically removed and the bands freed for any real results to be experienced.

Removing fat in conjunction with freeing the bands, which create the dimples, allows for immediate reshaping of the thighs, restoring a more youthful and sculpted appearance. Additionally, this also allows for the restoration of blood flow, micro circulation and improved lymphatic drainage. During the procedure fat is physically removed so fat cells are gone from the problem areas permanently and with fat cells gone they cannot grow back. This prevents cellulite from coming back fat is gone permanently.

You may have heard of Cellulaze which attempts to shrink trouble spots with a non-invasive laser. This process does not remove any fat cells. Dr. Goodman offers a more complete and permanent solution. During the cellulite reduction procedure, fat is removed and the laser is used to effectively free fibrous bands and also tighten skin.
Laser treatment triggers the production of collagen following the procedure, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin.

  • Tightens Skin & Sculpts Body
  • Minimal discomfort & No scars
  • Very affordable, Easy Financing
  • Safe – Only local anesthesia needed
  • Laser Liposuction Treats Cellulite

By removing the pockets of fat which causes cellulite as well as providing collagen generation and contraction, Smart Liposuction smooths and tightens the skin.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition and it appears when fat cells just under the skin swell or enlarge and the collagen bands become brittle and no longer stretch properly. This causes the dimpled skin known as cellulite.

The treatment uses dynamic laser energy to liquefy fat in the enlarged cells, and repair brittle collagen. Collagen is regenerated, circulation is improved and metabolic processes are restored. The process removes liquefied fat and smooths the appearance of the skin.